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Dec 11, 2022

The Babytone Baby Sleep Monitor is revolutionizing the way parents monitor their babies while they sleep. It offers real-time SpO2 and heart rate that conveniently allows you to keep an eye on your little one from wherever you are.

Plus, it provides a comprehensive assessment/report of your baby’s sleep activity - giving you valuable insights and invaluable peace of mind. But don't just take our word for how transformative this monitor can be: see what other parents have to say about Babytone Sleep Monitor and Station Version:

“This is a great device for peace of mind for new parents– personally, I am a new uncle and I use this every time I have to babysit my niece because I love to analyze the data and use it to inform my thinking on her behavior. It tells me SO much valuable information that you can’t get any other way: you can track how long they slept and compare it over weeks and months, and you can see their heart rate per nap. The way that this can remember and store the data over long periods of time helps to see what environmental factors might be affecting the baby’s sleep patterns. This can also be used for tracking data when they are awake as well; if you’re concerned about your baby’s heart rate, I have found that this device is pretty durable and can sustain itself during play.”

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“No need to frantically get up in the middle of the night to put a mirror (or finger) under baby’s nose to check for breathing. This monitor has you covered. Rest easy now, mom. You’ll need all the rest you can get.”

“Works great for its purpose: baby sleep monitoring with alerting if blood oxygen drops too low or heartrate is abnormal.

I purchased this product because I wanted to keep an eye on and get alerted if my baby's blood oxygen levels dropped for whatever reason while he was sleeping. When my baby is sleeping, the product reliably measures blood oxygen and heart rate, and I've tested that it does alarm if blood oxygen drops too low, by holding my breath while wearing it on my finger.

From my informal testing, the device will alarm if blood oxygen falls below 90%, or if the heartrate falls outside of 80-150 bpm, which actually works out just fine for my baby, as his heartrate is around 120-140 while sleeping. If the readings fall outside of those ranges, the product will emit a loud alert from the sensor itself and/or from the smartphone app (if you have it open). You can decide whether it alarms from the sensor unit, the phone app, or both. Note that you will not be able to set separate or custom thresholds for when to alarm on blood oxygen vs heartrate; you can only decide whether to turn both alarms on or both alarms off.

I ended up dedicating an old Android phone to running the app, and that worked out pretty well, as the screen remains on when the app is active and the alarm is loud and will vibrate the phone. ”



"It’s easy to use and accurate. My son is 7 months old; he was on oxygen the first 5 months of life. When all his at home medical supplies were given back, I wanted something to spot check his oxygen. He got a cold, his lungs weren’t ready for it and this little monitor alerted us that his O2 saturations were low. I highly recommend this product and am very grateful for it."

"This baby monitor is could be one of the best in the market for many. Great unboxing experience of this product. Well arranged and everything looks premium. Out of the box, I was impressed with the quality and setup.

Things I like about this works as claimed. Keeps a track all the time (heart rate, average oxygen level and movement overnight), the monitor is installed

- Has built-in memory to save the data

- Extra bands are included in the package

- Connection between the device and the mobile pairing was easy

- The app has some nice features and is intuitive to use

- There is an option to share the vitals through the app in form of CSV file or PDF

Things that need improvement:

- This need contact with baby's skin and hence not very kid likes it. My baby is one of those who needs comfort all the time

- It is not an WiFi device so your mobile needs to be in proximity for the connection to work."

Overall take: Despite the downside of these devices to be fixed on baby's feet, these are still functional product and hence I would recommend it to any parents if you are in the market for such a product.

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