Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter     $189.99

Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant
Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant
Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant
Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant
Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant
Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant

Handheld Oxygen Monitor for SpO2&HR&body temperature, Rotatable Touchscreen, Free APP&PC Software


Product Description

1. Accurate and Easy to Use: It comes with SpO2 probe and temperature probe, you can easily monitor oxygen level, Pulse Rate (PR), Perfusion Index(PI) and body temperature. Reading comes in 10 seconds or less.

2. Wireless Real-Time Monitoring: Once the monitor is connected to the app via Bluetooth, you can use your phone as a wireless display in real time. It is convenient in this way to monitor the body status of you and your families.

3. Good for Baby: The infant SpO2 sensor is a welcome addition to the monitor, providing accurate and comfortable oxygen level measuring for toddlers. With the special design, you can easily wear it on your baby's foot for SpO2 measurement.

4. APP AND PC SOFTWARE: Data can be transferred to smart phone and PC software for more detailed information. It supports to share JPG or CSV reports with others for free.

5. Comprehensive APP: Easily monitor all your body data on the dashboard. You can also review and share your history record of your oxygen level, PR and body temperature. The free app is compatible with android and iOS (Please note that the PDF report is available ONLY on smartphone APP; PC APP is only used to view the data).

6. Portable Touchscreen Monitors: Two-way monitors have a touchscreen. Accessories are plentiful, with a free protective case and wrist strap included.

Rechargeable, light and convenient, easy to use at any time.

Suitable for sports and/or aviation purposes.

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 Free Shipping

 1-Year Warranty

 30-Day Return

  Secured Payments

Free case and wristband


Lightweight and convenient

Manufacturer: Viatomtech

Model: CheckmePod

It is licensed by Health Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aziri Sofiane

Checkme Pod Smart Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Infant - Canada

Joshua Clatney
Excellent device

This pulse oximeter is excellent. Has all the features you need, no more, no less. Easy to read screen, connects to an app, long battery life, high quality build design. I'm really happy with ymy purchase and wouldn't hesitate to reccomend this.

P. J. Harston
Great pulse oximeter

I brought the Babytone to a large EDM event in Edmonton, where I was managing the medical team, and showed the nurses the device and allowed them to use it as needed.
After the event, the charge nurse said the Babytone worked really well for the most part and she was impressed with the vivid screen. The only drawback -- and this is a problem with all skin temperature reading devices at hot, sweaty and humid events -- is the temperature readings are low. So we just need to figure out best practices with that part of the device -- perhaps taping the sensor to the patient.

I like this very much!

This is no ordinary pulse oximeter. This is described as a smart oximeter monitor. It is capable of measuring from an infant to an adult, Oxygen saturation, pulse, body temperature. It has a large graphical color display and can connect via Bluetooth to a phone app. You can also connect it to a PC to download the collected data and view it in detail.

Excellent product.

Beautiful design and high quality Oxygen/pulse rate monitor, small and very portable and works as intended, has a nice touchscreen display with very clear and accurate readings, has Bluetooth connection capability. it is rechargeable which makes very convenient and easy to use. Great for babies and infants as well as adults.