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Baby Health Care

Babytone is a brand belonging to Shenzhen Viatom Technology Co., Ltd. We start our business in 2013. We found there are many newborn babies with breathing issues, such as Apne, Asthma and SIDS. In order to make these babies live a better life, our company decide to design a portable device that can detect a baby's blood oxygen, and heart rate. It is a good way to know if your baby is in good condition after you receive the data.

After a few years' developments, Babytone becomes a popular brand for many parents. And now we have our own research, manufacturing, and design teams that can provide better service..

100% handmade soap bar


Happier & Healthier Baby

It all starts with a dream. A vision of providing higher quality health care standards to babies worldwide. This belief is shared by all of us and gives us the passion for doing what we do. 

We use technologies trusted by hospitals and clinics.We keep exploring, to create innovations for professional healthcare. To help every baby have a happier and healthier life is our vision

We hope to bring our products to every baby, especially for those with breathing issues.

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Email: service@getbabytone.com
Address: Phase 2, 4th Fl., Tingwei Industrial Park No. 6, Liufang Road, Zone 67 Xin'an, Bao'an, Shenzhen, 518101

We Hope You Will Find More Joy in the Parenting Journey and Extra Peace of Mind

--Babytone Team.